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From April haze to May daze, if all of these social distancing efforts have you foggy on what day it really is, we’re here to help! No more Blursdays, Blumbledays or Tuthmondays. Starting May 1, we’re launching our May Daze We Support Local giveaway! This promotion is entirely online at Check back each day (M-F) in May as we shine a light on local businesses. We have over $1,000 worth of prizes in the vault, so like and follow our page so you don’t miss a single day!

There are things we can all do to help local businesses and bringing awareness is just one of those ways. So, spread the word by commenting on and sharing these posts.

#MayDaze #SupportLocal #HereWeGrow

May Daze Winners
May Daze # Prize and Featured Business Winner
Day 1 – May 1 $50 Gift Card to The Wise Olde Owl Ashley Beckman
Day 2 – May 4 $50 VISA Gift Card & $100 Donation to Fremont Area Big Give non-profit of choice Mehgan Adams/Fremont Public Schools Fooundation
Day 3 – May 5 $50 Gift Card to Chuy's Mexican Restaurant Cindy Coufal
Day 4 – May 6 Prize Package for aloneTogether 5k from Run Nebraska Ryan Betts
Day 5 – May 7 $50 Gift Certificate to Greens Florist Connie Dostal
Day 6 – May 8 $50 Gift Card to Rise & Shine Donuts Kesha Schuller
Day 7 – May 12 $50 Gift Certificate to Jerry's Hairstyling Angie Meyer Allgood
Day 8 – May 13 $50 Gift Card to Chestnut Market Brianna Wolfe
Day 9 – May 14 $50 Gift Card to Juice Stop Jennifer TenEyck Arp
Day 10 – May 15 $50 Gift Certificate to San Ann'a Melissa Irvin Kreikemeier
Day 11 – May 18 $50 Gift Card to The Milady Coffeehouse Amber Sindelar
Day 12 – May 19 $50 Gift Certificate to Huey's Smokehouse BBQ Ember Ann
Day 13 – May 20 $50 Gift Certificate to Beck's Thrifty Lube Theresa Stenger
Day 14 – May 21 $50 Gift Certificate to Wooden Windmill Jolene Irvin
Day 15 – May 22 $50 Gift Certificate to Audio Video Specialist Len Brester
Day 16 – May 22 $50 Gift Certificate to Fremont Meat Market