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Mortgage Loans

At First State Bank & Trust Company, we know that decisions about purchasing a home, refinancing, or borrowing against the equity in your home should be considered carefully.

We offer a wide range of mortgage loan products to meet our customers' needs from the First Time Homebuyer to building your dream home. Maybe you are looking to refinance to a better rate or term. Our lenders are here to answer your questions about home ownership because we want you to feel confident about the decisions you make.

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Conventional Fixed-Rate Mortgages

We offer up to 100% financing for long-term USDA or VA Government Loan Programs.

Mortgage insurance will be required on Conventional & USDA Loans without 20% down payment. We can deliver financing options that will allow you to benefit from flexible terms and competitive rates.

Construction Loan

Perhaps you haven't been able to find that perfect home and your solution is to start from scratch.

We can build a Construction Loan specifically for you. As with all of our mortgage products, we offer competitive rates and flexible terms.

NIFA/First-time Homebuyer Program

With the NIFA HFA Conventional Loan you may finance up to 95% of your purchase and up to 103% Combined Loan to Value with the assistance of a grant or community second mortgage.

Reduced rate mortgage insurance is available for this type of loan.

Bridge Loan

Thinking of buying or building a bigger home?

With enough equity in your present home, the Bridge Loan allows you to use that equity as your down payment towards the purchase of your new home.


Looking for a lower interest rate? Need to use the equity in your home for a major expense? Want to shorten the length of your loan and build equity faster?

Home Equity Loan

The equity that you've built in your home is often an overlooked asset.

You can use this equity to borrow money for virtually any type of expense or investment. You may wish to have a set-term loan with equal payments or you may prefer the flexibility of a line of credit that is available at any time.

If you are interested in Home Equity line of credit, please click here to contact us today.

Down Payment Assistance

You may be eligible for a grant through the Federal Home Loan Bank if you are a first time homebuyer and income eligible.

This grant allows you to qualify for up to $5,000.00 at zero percent interest and no payment. This grant is forgiven if you reside in your residence of purchase for 5 years.

Or you may qualify for the NIFA (HBA) Home Buyer Assistance Loan. This loan is for a seven year term at 1%.

To see if you qualify for either of these programs or others, Contact Us!