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May 8, 2017 - Skimmer identified on two First State Bank & Trust ATMs

Fremont, Neb. – First State Bank and Trust Company of Fremont learned this weekend that an ATM skimming device had been placed on the outdoor ATM at our 1005 East 23rd Street location. This device was found by a user of the machine, was removed and turned into local law enforcement. In investigating this matter, it came to the bank’s attention that a device had been used at our 1965 East Military location.

First State feels confident that users of the 23rd Street machine will not be impacted since the device on this location was captured. We have identified bank customers whose cards may have been skimmed at the Military location and have flagged their cards in our system. We are reaching out to those affected customers. It appears only those who used the ATM at the Military branch in Fremont on Friday, May 5th -Saturday, May 6th are potentially impacted. All consumers are fully protected by the bank against fraudulent transactions. As always, we strongly encourage our customers to monitor their transaction history in online banking or through our mobile app.

If you are a non-customer who used our Military branch location and see unusual activity, please contact your bank directly for assistance. You are also fully protected against fraudulent charges, but the process does need to begin with your own financial institution.

“We take a situation like this very seriously. We are working with local and federal law enforcement on this matter and are reaching out to all identified customers. We are doing everything we can to resolve this situation quickly for those affected,” states Chuck Johannsen, President of First State Bank & Trust Company.

Here are some tips from the Office of the Comptroller of Currency/U.S. Department of the Treasury to protect your financial information:

  • Walk away from an ATM if you notice someone watching you or if you sense something wrong with the machine; immediately report your suspicions to the company operating the machine or a nearby law enforcement officer.
  • Before using an ATM, examine nearby objects that might conceal a camera; check the card slot for a plastic sheath before inserting your card.
  • Never keep a written copy of your PIN in your wallet or purse as it could be stolen; instead memorize your PIN and keep a paper record hidden at home.
  • When entering your PIN, stand close to the machine and hold your hand over the keypad or screen to make it more difficult for a person or camera to watch you.
  • Beware of strangers offering to help you with an ATM that appears disabled and notify someone responsible for the security of the machine.
  • Regularly review your account statements, either online or on paper, and check for unauthorized withdrawals and purchases. If you find one, immediately contact your bank or credit card provider, as this will limit your financial liability for fraudulent charges.