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Remote Deposit Capture

Save trips to the Bank by scanning checks at your site!

With Remote Deposit Capture by First State Bank & Trust Company, you become your own check processor saving time and the trip of driving to the Bank to make your deposits. Your checks are securely delivered electronically to us as soon as you transmit your deposit.

Worried about getting your deposit into the Bank before cutoff time? Remote Deposit Capture is convenient by allowing you to prepare deposit batches on your schedule. And with faster check clearing, you can react sooner to any potential check fraud that may occur.

First State Bank & Trust Company is here to help you get started with an appropriate check scanner and the software needed so you can stop worrying about deposits and get back to business!

Pricing Schedule
Non-Recurring Fees
One Time Set-Up Fee for each Business $150.00
Recurring Monthly Fees
Account Maintenance and Remote Deposit Program Licensing Fee per Business Checking Account (Each Location) starting at $20.00/month
Check Deposit Volume Pricing
     Medium Volume (30 - 500 Checks/month) $20.00/month
     High Volume (500 - 1000 checks/month) $30.00/month